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West Feliciana Honors Excellence with Community Celebration

on Tue, 02/05/2013 - 12:00am

by Theresa Dold Payment
Photos: WF High School Media Production

On Thursday, January 31, the community of St. Francisville celebrated its school district’s ‘A’ rating with students, parents, educators, community and staff members. The auditorium at West Feliciana High School was packed as many attendees stood in line out the doors and in the aisles. The district celebration opened with a presentation of colors and the pledge. Superintendent Hollis Milton welcomed the public officials, dignitaries, employees, parents, grandparents, community members and students in attendance. “We are very excited about this celebration and performances of our students. We are excited about being an ‘A’ district, and it has been a collaborative effort and results of long-standing pursuits to excellence,” said Milton. “Thank you, parents, for being the backbone of our efforts.”

Milton added that each school is at their highest level of achievement historically in the district, with all schools meeting their 2012 growth targets. The school system received a score of 124.3 in 2012. ”What I love about this community is that all of us in this room are passionate about education in West Feliciana. There is no secret to our success; it is all of us working together. We are more than standardized test scores, district performance scores and accountability formulas. We are about students, families and community. We are West Fel!” cheered Milton.

Each school performed a skit for the crowd following a brief summary of test scores and school performance information from each principal.

Students from Bains Lower Elementary started off the night with Milton stirring up a special “school district gumbo” made up of ingredients such as teamwork, dedication, terrific teachers, parents, hard work and, of course, students. Each ingredient was “just the thing to make it yumbo, all a part of West Fel gumbo!” Bains Elementary students also showcased groups such as the Girl and Boy Scouts, Girls on the Run, 4-H, and their exceptional violinists and Beta club.

West Feliciana Middle School performed an original, rap-style skit written by the students while West Feliciana High School students presented a mock trial type of skit where “defendants” were questioned by an “attorney” who claimed there was no way they were an ‘A’ district. They also  highlighted some of the school’s accomplishments in education as well as extracurricular groups. Each principal was awarded a check for $8,453.85 from Superintendent Milton at the conclusion of the celebration. The celebration was sponsored by the Bank of St. Francisville and the St. Francisville Chamber of Commerce.

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